Lock's From Norfolk

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This info was sent in by newly found cousins.

John Lock m: ?

Children of John Lock and ?

Henry B: 1764

Jonathan B: 25/12/1768  m: 7/3/1791 Sarah Elmer in  Norfolk D:19/10/1835 Liverpool N.S.W.

Elizabeth B: 1772


Children of Jonathan Lock and Sarah Elmer   other children unknown

John Lock B: 1791 Larling Norfolk England D:1880

Robert Lock B:1800 Larling Norfolk England          


John Lock B:1791 m: Sarah Duffield on 3/6/1816 in Larling, Norfolk and had 4 children but due to his transportation to NSW for life, their marriage was not recognized.

He stole a horse to get back home but in England at that time it was a death sentence. The judge gave him leniency due to a letter by John saying he would serve life in NSW.

He was probably hoping to catch up with his father and Robert.

John came out on the ship 'Sesostris' in 1826 to N.S.W. Australia.

On his ticket of leave dated 22nd January 1836 John was described as:

5' 6" tall with a fresh (white) complexion , brown hair with hazel eyes  with 2 scars above the right brow.

John put and 'e' on the end of his name when he settled in Qld

John Locke m: Ann Elliot b: 1816 Middlesex, London

{Ann Elliott at the age of 16 sentenced for 7 yrs for stealing clothing. Arrrived aboard the 'Fanny'  2/2/1833. Went to Bathurst.} 7th June 1836 was in Maitland, NSW.


Children of John Locke and Ann Elliott

William Locke B: 7/9/1836 Maitland N.S.W. D: 10/4/1897

m: 21/3/1862 Sarah Evan

John (Lang) Locke B: 23/11/ 1838 Wollombi N.S.W. m: 1863 Francis Kilmister

Ann Locke B: 14/7/1840 Harpers Hill N.S.W. D: 1918 m: 28/1/1861 Bartholomew Ambros Goggins

Walter Locke B: 30/7/1841 Harpers Hill N.S.W. D: 1913 m: 28/2/1865 Sophie Ann May

Loiusa Locke  B: 10/8/1843 Harpers Hill N.S.W.  D: 10/8/1944 m: 5/11/1861 Robert Frederick Stiddolph

James Locke B: 10/1/1845 Harpers Hill N.S.W. D: 2/8/1914 m: 16/7/1867 Margaret Thorton

Albert Locke  B: 6/8/1846 Harpers Hill N.S.W. D: 25/7/1925 m:  22/6/1870 Elliza Bribget Collins 

Emily Locke B: 29/8/1848 Harpers Hill N.S.W.

Isabella Locke B: 16/9/1850 Warwick Q.L.D. m: 19/11/1868 Arthur Gillam

Annabella Locke B: 3/4/1853 Warwick Q.L.D. m:  9/12/1874 Samuel James Beatty   

James Henry Locke B: 25/2/1856 Warwick Q.L.D. D: 25/5/1856

Alice Locke B: 12/2/1860 Warwick Q.LD. D: 20/1/1864 Warwick

Children Of William Locke and Sarah Evans

Andrew Locke B:1862

William Locke B: 1864-1864

Robert Locke B:1865-1867

James Locke B:1867-1867

John Locke B:1869

Ann Eliza Locke B:1872-1873


Children Of John (Lang) Locke and Francis Kilmister

Walter Thomas Locke B:1864

Unknown Locke B:1865

Stuart W Locke B:1867

Alexander Locke B:1869

Herbert Henry Locke B:1871-1873

Amy Ann Locke B: 1873-1970

Robert Albert Locke B:1875

John Locke B:1877


Children Of Ann Locke and Batholomew Ambrose Goggins

Ann Elliott Goggins B:1861-1861

John Batholomew Goggins B:1863-1950

Ambrose Goggins B:1868-1950

Annie Bridget Goggins B:1870-1938

Alice Goggins B:1872-1872

James Goggins B:1874-1946

William Joseph Goggins B:1874-1933

Isabella Grace Goggins B:1876-1878

Maud Mary Goggins B:1879-1945

Margaret Constance Goggins B:1881

Elizabeth Goggins B:1866


Children Of Walter Locke and Sophie Ann May

Edward Walter Locke B:1866-1894

George Locke B:1868-1938

Charles Locke B:1870-1872

Gertude Locke B:1872-1873

Charles Locke B:1874-1918

Gertude May Locke B:1876

Henry James Locke B:1879-1911


Child of Louisa Locke and Robert Frederick Stiddolph

Doris Stiddolph


Children of James Locke and Margaret Thorton

James Locke B:1867

Emily Locke B:1869

Margaret Ann Locke B:1871

Robert Locke B:1874

Philip Henry Locke B:1877

Isabella Locke B:1879-1882

Alice Locke B:1881

Leonardine Mary Locke  B:1883

Louisa Locke B:1886

Walter Herbert Locke B:1889

Mabel Locke B:1891


Children of Albert Locke and Eliza Bridget Collins 

Fanny Agnes Locke B: 1869 d: 12/7/1931 m:  6/10/1893 Caspar Ronald Iselin

Albert Locke B: 25/11/1870 Warwick QLD d:19/8/1933 Mullumbimby N.S.W. m:Tenterfield  22/12/1888 Julia Rose

Alice Locke  B: 7/11/1871

Emily Locke B: 10/8/1873 d: 4/10/1966 Rosenthal Warwick  m: 21/8/1902 Kenneth Ronald Iselin (son of Caspar Ronald Iselin 1st Marriage )

George Locke B: 7/12/1875  m: Mary Templeton

Robert Henry Locke  B: 1877  d: 1964 m: 9/9/1903 Mary Jane Holden

John Locke B:30/10/1880

Hudson James Locke B:1883-1932

Anna Elliott Locke B:1886

Mary Anna Victoria Locke B:1887

Eliza Muriel Locke B:30/10/1889

Louisa Phillis Locke B:1892:

Isabella Locke B: 1879 d:7/9/1879 QLD

Emily Bridget Locke B:1873-1966


Children of Isabella Locke and Arthur Gillam

Jemima Gillam B:1872-1873

Louisa Maud Gillam B:1874-1895

Robert Edward Gillam B:1878

Amy Isebella Gillam B:1882-1891

Charles James Gillam B:1886-1956

Alfred Walter Gillam B : 1888

Willam Albert Gillam B: 1890

Frederick Joseph Gillam B:1892-1968

Arthur John Gillam B:1875-1936

George Henry Gillam B:1880

Amy Isabella Gillam B:1882-1891

Edith Sarah Gillam B:1883-1948

Elizabeth Ann Gillam B: 1871-1946


Children of Annabella Locke and Samuel Beatty

Alice Yates Beatty B:1875

Emily Beatty B:1876

Annabella Louisa Beatty B:1877

Alice Moreau Beatty B:1879

Charles Augustus Beatty B:1880

Ella Annie Beatty B:1884

Clarice Beatty B:1886

May Beatty B:1888

Beatrice Mary Beatty B:1890

Reginald Lawrence Beatty B:1895