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Darug Clan Names

I thought it might help to know the Clans of the Darug when you are doing your research. There were Coastal and Inland clans.

Our language group is EORA. A lot of people seem to think wrongly, that this is the name of our Tribe, but it is our language.

Darug Clan Names

Inland Clans
Darug Clan Name
Modern Day Name of Area

Liverpool - Cabramatta
Castlereagh/ Emu Plains
Belmont 'tribe'
Kurrajong/North Richmond
Cattai Creek/Pitt Town
Portland Head
Windsor 'tribe'
Cobbiti Barta
Tomah 'tribe'
Mt Tomah
South Creek
Eastern Creek
Toongagal (Tugagal)
Castle Hill
Salt Pan Creek/Botany Bay

Coastal Clans
Darug Clan Name
Modern Day Name for Area

Duck River
Kissing Point/Ryde
Botany Bay
Sow & Pigs (Harbour)
Borogegal, Yuruey
Bradleys Head

Clan name: Bediagal
Historical spelling/s: Bediagal, Bidjigals, Bid-ee-gāl, Bejigal, Bč-dia-gal
Description of country: Probably to the north-west of Parramatta, between Parramatta and Hawkesbury River, possibly around present day Castle Hill.
Clan name: Birrabirragal
Historical spelling/s: Birra birragal-leon
Description of country: Possibly associated with Birra Birra, a rocky reef in the lower harbour now known as Sow and Pigs.
Clan name: Borogegal
Historical spelling/s: Borogegal, Borogegal Yuruey, Borogegal-yurrey
Description of country: Possibly associated with Borogegy, now know as Bradleys Head.
Clan name: Boromedegal
Historical spelling/s: Boorammedegal, Boromedegal, Boora me di-gal, Booramedigal-leon
Description of country: Assumed to be associated with Parramatta area on similarity of pronunciation with place name Parrāmatta (Tench 1793), Par-ra-mata (King in Hunter 1793).
Clan name: Buruberongal
Historical spelling/s: Burubirangal, Bu-ru-be-ron-gal, Buruberongal, Boo-roo-bir-rong-gal, Boo-roo-ber-on-gal, Boorooberongal
Description of country: To the north-west of Parramatta, about two hours walking distance from the Hawkesbury River (Phillip in Hunter 1793).
Clan name: Darramurragal
Historical spelling/s: Darra murra gal, Tarra-merragal
Description of country: Said to be 'in the district of Wanne', but on similarity of name associated with the suburb Turramurra, at the headwaters of the Lane Cove River.
Clan name: Gadigal
Historical spelling/s: Cadigal, Cadigāl, Cād-i-gal, Cadi-gal
Description of country: Cadi was on the south side of Port Jackson, extending from South Head to Long Cove (Darling Harbour) (King in Hunter 1793). Cādi, the bay of Cadi, is probably 'Kutti' which is the Aboriginal place name for Watsons Bay.
Clan name: Gahbrogal
Historical spelling/s: Cah-bro-gal
Description of country: The Cahbrogal lived inland and ate estuarine teredo worms called cah-bro (Collins 1798). In 1845 Mahroot said the 'Liverpool blacks' were called 'Cobrakalls'(In: Select Committee on the Condition of the Aborigines Report 1845). Associated with the suburb Cabramatta.
Clan name: Gamaragal
Historical spelling/s: Cāmmerragal, Cam-mer-ray-gal, Cameeragal, Camera-gal, Kamarigal
Description of country: Cam-mer-ray (Collins 1798), Cammerra (Phillip 1790), Camerra (King in Hunter 1793) was on the north shore or north side of Port Jackson.
Clan name: Gameygal
Historical spelling/s: Kamey-gal
Description of country: Around Kamay, the name for Botany Bay, possibly to the north-west of Gwea (Anon ca 1790-1792).
Clan name: Gannemegal
Historical spelling/s: Cannemegal
Description of country: Wau-maille [War-mul] which the Cannemegal was said to inhabit was one of eight place names in the district of Rose Hill which was 10 minutes walk westward from Rose Hill (Anon ca 1790 1792).
Clan name: Garigal
Historical spelling/s: Caregal, possibly Corrugal
Description of country: Caregal initially given as name of 'a man, or a tribe, who resided to the northward'. Later, 'Nanbarre said Caregal was the man's name, and he lived at, or near Broken Bay' (Phillip in Hunter 1793).
Clan name: Gayamaygal
Historical spelling/s: ‘the tribe of Kay-yee-my’
Description of country: Kay-yee-my, the place where the Governor was wounded – Manly Cove (Phillip in Hunter 1793); Kay-ye-my, Manly Bay (Anon ca 1790-1792)
Clan name: Gweagal
Historical spelling/s: Gweagal, Gwea-gal
Description of country: Gwea. Gweea was on the southern shore of Botany Bay (Tench 1793).
Clan name: Wallumedegal
Historical spelling/s: Wallumedegal, Walumetta, Wallume-de-gal
Wallumede. Wallumede was on the north shore, opposite Warrane (Sydney Cove) (King in Hunter 1793).
Clan name: Wangal
Historical spelling/s: Wangal, Wanngal, Won-gal
Description of country: Wann (Phillip 1790). Wanne (King in Hunter 1793) extended along the south side of the harbour from Long Cove (Darling Harbour) to Rose Hill, which the local inhabitants called Parramatta.

Darug Land Groups