Darug Family Reunions

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Reunion Picnic Day, LaPerouse.
6th November.
10am onwards.
Bring a picnic lunch and a cool no-alcoholic drink for yourselves, a blanket or chair to sit on.
Could you please let other Darug families know, usually we have a fun day,
Please bring with you any family info or photos to show everyone, a great way to keep our family history alive.
To make contact Email Liz 
*Please add 'Reunion' in the subject box of your email so we can promptly respond to your queries
Please pass the message around to other family members, this way it gives everyone the chance to make contact.

Jacinta sang some of the songs off her CD and also had a few CDs to sell and we took some of our weaving to show.
It looks like there are many different talents within the family, as we have singers, puppeteers, painters, weavers to name a few. End count for this day was closer to 140 people.