The Parsons Family


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The Parsons family starts with
Eliza Locke, Maria and Roberts daughter marrying William Parsons.

Recently some of the Parsons family have made contact with us, it's always so thrilling when Darug people make contact.

These names have been handed to us from the Parson family.


Eliza Lock & William Parsons


Eliza Henrietta Lock was the 8th child of Robert and Maria Lock.

Eliza was born on the 4.2.1843 and died on the 29.4.1919.

Eliza married William Edwin Parsons on the 17.12.1861.

William was born on 12.4.1840 at South Creek and died on 5.12.1905 at Wallsend.

Eliza and William had 10 children, she was known to the family as “Mam” and gave most of her children nicknames.


Eliza Mary                    B 24.4.1862  at Prospect       D 10.9.1902 at Wallsend

                                   Married Robert Dawson Punton on 16.7.1881 at Wallsend

                                   They had 14 children


Robert William {Bill}     B 26.12.1864 at Wallsend      D 16.8.1926 at Wallsend  

                                   Married Rhonda Ann {Hannah} Lord on 30.7.1890 at Pittown

                                   They had 6 children 


James                          B 3.9.1865 at Blacktown       D3.9.1865 at Blacktown 

                                  Survived 12 hours


Alfred Francis {Planet} B 10.8.1866 at Blacktown      D 10.5.1949 at Blacktown

                                  Married Victoria Caroline Stubbings on 14.9.1891 at Wallsend

                                  They had 6 children


Elizabeth Jane              B 29.12.1868  at Wallsend     

                                  Married Michael James Fahey on  13.10.1886 at Pittown

                                  They had 9 children


Mercy                         B 21.4.1871 at Wallsend        D 22.6.1956 at Belmont

                                  Married William {Will} Robertson on 19.5.1888 at Pittown

                                  They had 5 children


Matilda Maria               B 8.7.1873 at Wallsend          D 10.11.1937 at Wallsend

                                  Married Joseph Jefferson on 18.4.1894 at Wallsend

                                  Matilda changed her name to Martha before marriage

                                  They had 2 children


Sarah Ann                   B 18.10.1875 at Wallsend       D 17.2.1901 at Wallsend

                                  Married Richard Colin Wills on 16.7.1894 at Wallsend

                                  They had 1 child


Thomas                       B 16.12.1877 at Wallsend      D12.12.1914 at Wallsend

                                  Married Alice {Maud} Stubbins on 23.6.1903 at Wallsend

                                  They had 4 children


Ethel May                    B 18.6.1882 at Pittown          D 7.8.1956 at Wallsend

                                  Married Archibald {Archie} Baird on 4.8.1897 at Plattsburg

                                  They had 6 children