The Stutchbury Family


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Hello and welcome to my world.

The following are my mum and dad and my brothers and sister.

My dad Thomas Roland Stutchbury was born 24th August 1926 at Risdon Tasmania. He was the third born of 2 boys and 1 girl.(Frank,Alan,Thomas and Violet (also known as Aunty Sis) They moved to Sydney when he was the age of 4. His mum and dad were Frank Roland Stutchbury and his mum was Violet        . This was Franks 2nd wife (we just found out that there is another family out there)Dad joined the RAAF at the age of 16 (yes he bumped up his age) as he was given a white feather on a street one day and back in them days we all knew what that meant. He was in the 22nd Squadron and served up in the Philllipines. He did not tell us much about the war and what he did and saw but one can only imagine. He used to load the bombs onto the aircraft and he also did combat in the deepest parts of the jungles in the Phillipines. He survived 3 plane crashes and avoided been captured as a POW. The first time I saw my dad ever march in an ANZAC parade was in Hamilton New Zealand when the 50 years anniversary of VE day was celebrated. He said to me he would only march in that to remember all his buddies that didnt come home and to celebrate beating the opposition. He marched with pride that day.And I watched on with even more pride along with my 3 sons.

He met my mum while mum was having a yarn with her cousin out the kitchen window and he walked passed and they said gedday to each other and as they say the rest is history.


My mum Patricia Margaret Brouggy was born 4th November 1927 and was born at Sydney Womens Hospital.  Mum was the 3rd born out of 7 children.