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This website is for  people of ALL Darug Clans. 

In this website we would like to introduce you all to our family history.
Over the last few months, we have made contact with many more Darug family members.
Please take the time to look over this site and if you are able to submit any further details to the betterment of this site, it would be very much appreciated.

We now have a secret Face Book Group, there is about 300 DARUG family members there, we share our family history, photos old n recent, family news n Family Reunions.

Please be aware that this site contains images of deceased persons. Certain images on this site may contain subject matter that is sensitive or sacred to some visitors.



Your tombstone stands among the rest;

Neglected and alone.

The name and date are chiseled out

On polished, marbled stone.

It reaches out to all who care

It is too late to mourn.

You did not know  that I exist

You died and I was born.

Yet each of us are cells of you

In flesh, in blood, in bone.

Our blood contracts and beats a pulse

Entirely not our own.

Dear Ancestor, the place you filled

One hundred years ago

Spreads out among the ones you left

Who would have loved you so.

I wonder if you lived and loved,

I wonder if you knew

That someday I would find this spot,

And come to visit you.

♦♦♦ Hi folks! This site has been growing so much lately with new info, photos and family members that have been found, that we've had to make a separate site for the photo album. There is a link below for you to go there, so you can now read about the Darug history here, then go by the link to see the photos. Hope everyone is happy with this.

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