Kitty and Joseph Budsworth


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Kitty and Joseph
Henry Joseph (known as Joseph)
(b) 1.8.1811 England
He was a stable boy at the age of 16 he was caught stealing a pound of butter (tried at Liverpool 4.5.1829) and was sentenced to 9 years and was transported out on the Claudine (see photo) and arrived in Sydney Cove 6.12.1829. He had Hazel eyes,and brown hair and stood at 5'3/4" high (now I know where I get my height from) he had an anchor tattooed on his left arm. On arrival he was Disposed to William Cox of Claredon.
As far as I know he was a shepherd on Cox's farm
He recieved his "Ticket of Freedom" on 1.2.1837
He passed away in the Benevolant Asylum (bottom photo) at Windsor 30.11.1892 and buried in Windsor 1.12.1892 at Windsor.
His father was John Budsworth and his mum was Margaret Bore (farmers at West Derby England)
Joseph married Kitty and they had three sons